At EnviroCare Pest Control, we provide quick, effective solutions along with superior customer service to keep your facilities pest free and your tenants happy. Our individualized approach enables us to meet the needs of each and every management company. We make your job easier by taking responsibility for your building’s pest control needs. Consider us an extension of your team!


Pest infestations can result in highly emotional situations. For 30 years we have worked with management companiesto deescalate situations and reassure tenants through prompt remediation. Our individualized approach to building issues and customer needs results in greater satisfaction from tenants and management companies.

We offer:

• Integrated Pest Management

• Portal System to access signature sheets, service calls, bills etc.

• Rodent proofing and exclusion

• Careful inspection on all visits

• Rodent deterrents and barriers

• Chute cleaning

• Fly drain and compactor treatments

• Cryonite (CO2 Freezing) for sensitive areas


Pest infestations lead to non-renewals, lost revenue, violations, additional staff time and brand damage. Research shows that replacing a tenant costs seven times more than it costs to renew an existing one.

Tenant satisfaction is highest when issues and complaints are handled expeditiously and professionally. EnviroCare strengthens the relationship between the tenant and management company. From the initial phone call we put your tenant at ease. We do our job efficiently and discreetly, with minimum disruption. The result is a happy, loyal tenant.


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