Bedbugs have become one of the most difficult pest to eliminate in New York for many reasons. They have developed a resistance to the most commonly used type of insecticides, called neonicotinoids, which is part of the reason there has been a resurgence of them in the last couple of decades. Their natural instincts are to make many satellite harborages and therefore can be found living in any crack in living areas from ceiling to floor, definitely not only in beds. In addition, some people show no reaction at all to bites which can allow the insects to remain unnoticed and spread.



Identify that we are truly dealing with bedbugs and stage of infestation by:

  • Evidence supplied by customer of a sample or photo of a bedbug OR
  • A visual inspection by our trained bedbug specialists OR
  • A canine scent detection coupled with a visual inspection by our trained handler.

We look for:

  • Live or dead bedbugs
  • Skins cast off during the molting process
  • Small spots of reddish-black fecal material
  • Tiny cream-colored eggs usually found in dark crevices
  • Bites



An intensive and comprehensive two visit program to quickly eliminate the infestation. Bedbugs must be 100% eliminated because even one survivor can repopulate and re infest.

We use three steps:

  • Hepa – Vacuum – First, every crack in living areas is vacuumed. This important step immediately removes adults from your home.
  • Barrier Treatments – All hollow walls are treated with a combination of aerosol and dust products. If bedbugs are already in wall voids, or enter at a later date, these products act as a barrier that a bedbug cannot avoid.
  • Treatments – Precise placements of the most effective liquids, aerosols and dust products are injected in cracks of breeding sites and nesting areas.

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Bed bug encasements are placed on mattresses and box springs to protect and prevent future infestations. Detectors are placed beneath the legs of bed to boards to monitor any activity and the effectiveness of pest control treatment. Green options include:

  • Steam heat is an excellent, nontoxic method to kill all stages of bedbugs from egg to adult. This is mostly concentrated along beds and carpets.
  • Heat – The Achilles heel of bed bugs is heat. Once you expose bed bugs to 120°F or hotter, both the bugs and eggs die very rapidly (less than a minute). This is an excellent method to treat for bed bugs as it is one of the few treatments that can eliminate manageable infestations in one treatment and also reduces the amount of pesticides introduced to a home.
  • Cryonite – a non-toxic new treatment for pest control that kills pesticide resistant bed bugs and most insect pests in all life stages by rapid freezing. The machine sprays CO2 snow at -110º F and can be used in sensitive accounts and electronics. Environmentally friendly and safe.
  • Exclusion Treatment – Once the barrier treatment is complete, we can then seal potential cracks along pipes and baseboards. Now, in addition to the barrier, no bed bug (or other insect for that matter) will be able to enter your apartment from other areas of the building.

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